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Private Dining with Southern Kreole

Southern Kreole Cravings & Pastries presents a unique private dining experience, featuring an exclusive and bespoke journey into Southern Louisiana Creole cuisine and pastries. Tailored to showcase Chef L.A.'s distinctive culinary artistry, our private dining immerses you in the authentic flavors and traditions of the region.

Our Private Dining Experience Includes:

Private dining setup

Intimate Setting

Private dining couple

Themed Ambiance

Private dining plate

Signature Pastries

Private dining chef

Personalized Service

  • Customized Creole Menus: Offering a range of dishes that showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Southern Louisiana, including classic Creole dishes and innovative creations.

  • Signature Pastries: Featuring a selection of pastries that reflect the region's culinary heritage, possibly with a modern twist.

  • Intimate Setting: Providing a private and cozy atmosphere where guests can enjoy their meal in a more personal and exclusive setting.

  • Personalized Service: Ensuring that each dining experience is tailored to the preferences and needs of the guests, possibly including interactions with Chef L.A. or a dedicated service team.

  • Themed Ambiance: Decorating the private dining space to reflect the cultural and historical aspects of Southern Louisiana, enhancing the overall dining experience.